Deep Pressure vs Deep Tissue Massage…

Deep Pressure vs Deep Tissue Massage…. Is there a difference? YES!!!

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Deep Tissue vs Deep Pressure


Deep pressure refers to mechanical pressure applied to the tissues of the body. This generally refers to intense pressure which may or may not be appropriate depending on the tissue quality, muscle group and purpose.

Deep Tissue is an evidence-based massage modality that has been shown to assist in healing certain disorders and musculoskeletal conditions. Generally, this type of massage includes 3 steps; warm the area with physical heat or medium pressure massage, apply therapeutic techniques to the targeted tissue layer that is experiencing restriction, then massage techniques to facilitate movement of fluid in the tissue to promote self-healing. This modality does not necessarily require intense pressure to be effective. In fact, intense pressure may be counter-productive towards the intended goal for the client.

Deep Tissue to the low back

It has been my experience as a board certified massage therapist since 2002, that very few clients who say to me: “ I can take as much pressure as you want to give,” really need extreme pressure to accomplish their goals. This, along with the fact that the perception of pressure varies for each individual, really makes a difference in how much pressure is applied to produce a positive change in the client’s soft tissue. One person may think a certain level of pressure is just right, where another person will feel it is too light or very intense.

Deep Tissue around the scapula

Deep Tissue Massage requires skills in knowing how to provide the right amount of pressure to the right layer of tissue for the right amount of time. These skills require experience to develop the subtleties of communicating with the soft tissue to increase blood flow, flexibility and pain-free movement while decreasing inflammation and pain.

My goal as YOUR massage therapist is to administer the right techniques to effect a positive change in your muscle tissue leading to reduced pain and increased function. Feedback from my clients has been that they do not typically feel “beat up” after a session with me, but they feel their muscles are more relaxed. Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss massage therapy.