Closing movements and Steam Towel
Tensions melt away with massage and hot steam towels

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2020 Services and pricing:

  •  Pre- and Post-session Consultation
  • Integrated techniques
  • Session review notes for first time visit, or when plan changes significantly

OPTIONAL accents for your session (NO CHARGE)

  • Hot stone accents
  • China Gel menthol topical pain reliever
  • Heating pad for tight back muscles
  • Relaxing steam towels
  • Therapeutic grade essential oils

30 min Massage $60
60 min Massage $90
75 min Massage $105
90 min Massage $120
120 min Massage $160

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Recently I had a new client comment that her hour massage seemed like it was longer than many others she’s had before.  I attribute this to the fact that the consultation and client prep/redress time does not cut into the hands-on time, assuming prompt client arrival time. 

It is my philosophy that an hour massage equals 60 minutes hands-on time. (Crazy, huh?) 

This is why my sessions are structured differently than you might typically see other places.  There is extra time added in the session to allow for that essential time where we will discuss your goals so that we will both be holding the same intention during your session for your wellness.

This allows your massage to flow better and address your concerns and hold intention to create the positive change you came in for… whether that be pain relief or relaxation.

Longer massage sessions are ideal for working on physical concerns that have been around for a long time or new injuries that you want to find relief quickly. Blending relaxation with therapeutic techniques helps you move into a healing zone for your mind and body. You will feel your breathing slow and become easier, your tension spots will find relief, and you very well may experience a calming mental and emotional zone that brings healing into your whole being.

Service Upgrades

Heat Wave and Body Rock Hot Stone Massage – Hot stones are soothing and powerful for working deeply into the muscles, providing you with a depth of relief and relaxation you’ve never felt before. Heated stones are used in targeted areas to release muscle tension or restrictions.  You can add targeted Hot Stone Massage for only $10 to any massage.

Kinesiotaping is available to extend pain relief beyond the session in a whole other way than massage alone. This specialized taping technique is administered in such a way to relieve trigger points, facilitate or relax specific muscles, or support joint function.  This can be scheduled to be added on within your session time, or in addition to your session time. Check out my blog about this pain relieving modality here.

FasciaBlaster tool created by Ashley Black. This state of the art fascia tool may be incorporated in your session to facilitate deeper muscular work. This tool creates increased blood flow (hyperemia) to the area and softens the connective tissue allowing the body to heal itself.

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